The 'Be Real' Program


‘Be Real’ is an abstinence-only sexual health and relationship education program. The program is ten days long, and lasts for one hour each day. It is administrated by the Mountain Grove Pregnancy Resource Center of Mountain Grove, and is designed to inform and educate students about the dangers and risks associated with teen sex. Our goal with this program is to inspire teenagers to take the information learned in this program, and to use it to make healthy, responsible, and positive life choices regarding sex and relationships. The large-picture goal of the program is to help stop the spread of STIs (sexually transmitted infections), to prevent unplanned teenage pregnancies, and to protect our youth from the damaging emotional effects of teenage sexual activity.


The program motto is ‘Get the facts, know the truth… make the choice!’. In our ten day program, teens will learn about everything from puberty, to pregnancy, to what STIs are and how dangerous they can be. However, we also go beyond what traditional sex and relationship education programs offer by covering topics like love, infatuation, and how it is possible to avoid the dangers of teenage sex by waiting to have it until it can take place within the confines of a committed, mutually monogamous relationship based on real love and respect.


The lessons are taught by a trained presenter who makes the classes fun, engaging, and interesting. Visual aids, games, and group conversations help to make the classes enjoyable, but also demonstrate the importance of making positive life choices when it comes to sex. Teens will hear stories, statistics, and facts about how making the wrong choices can affect their entire lives, and they will learn that teenage sex DOES come with risks!


For 7th and 8th graders, the program also incorporates homework that will be taken home to the students’ parents every night after class. This homework will require the students to ‘interview’ their parents, promoting and encouraging the opportunity to get the ‘sex’ talk going at home… a component that many studies show as essential to the decision-making process of any teenager.


A pre and post-test, administered by the presenter at the beginning and end of the program, will also track each class’s opinions, ideas, and attitudes about sex, relationships, and a variety of other related issues, giving you valuable insight as to what affect the program had once it is complete.


We offer this program to any schools in or near our community. We already teach it in several different area schools, but would love the opportunity to come to your school as well if we have never been there! For more information, please contact the Pregnancy Resource Center of Mountain Grove and tell them that you are interested in having the ‘Be Real’ program brought to your school!


To get more information on the program, or to have a speaker come and give an abstinence presentation at your school, youth event, or seminar, please call us today at 417-926-3310!



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